About Us

Winnebago County ARES/RACES is a local group of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) & RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) volunteers, all licensed hams, dedicated to serving the public in time of need. We serve Winnebago County and its local communities.

East Central Wisconsin Emergency Communications is the 501(c)(3) non profit corporation associated with Winnebago county ARES/RACES.

ARES/RACES Leadership

Emergency Coordinator: Ben Benesh, KC9CTK Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Aaron Ward, KE5RHE Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Vacant

Board of Directors

Ben Benesh, KC9CTK Aaron Ward, KE5RHE Scott Troedel, N9PZR John Verwiel, KC9TFM Dan Espersen, WD9ESP


Please see below for documents related to the organization.

Served Agencies

Our served agencies include Wisconsin Emergency Management, the National Weather Service, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Mercy Medical…