EmComm Anti-Patterns

EmComm Anti-Patterns

KD7BBC of hamstudy.org wrote this great article on communications patterns.

I am a software developer. In software, we have what we call “Design patterns” which are software patterns that we can use to solve common programming problems in clean ways. There are a huge number of these patterns, but they all share a common theme: They are tested, widely used, and solve a particular class of problems in a solid way.

Similarly, sometimes we talk about anti-patterns. An anti-pattern is a “common response to a recurring problem that is usually ineffective and risks being highly counterproductive” (from Wikipedia). In other words, it’s a response or solution to a recurring problem that seems reasonable but is actually problematic.

I am very much a process-oriented person. Whenever I spend a lot of time doing something, I can’t help but try to identify what went well, what went poorly, and how it could be improved. It’s of particular note that even very experienced hams often find themselves using anti-patterns such as these.

Here are some patterns and anti-patterns that I have observed in my area. Perhaps they will help you!

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