New 147.240 Repeater Features Coming Soon!!

New 147.240 Repeater Features Coming Soon!!

ECWEC has secured a new Yaesu System Fusion repeater for Winnebago County. It will replace the current 147.240 repeater hardware and will enable hams to use both analog AND digital communications on the same repeater frequency.

If you use a regular analog radio there will be no change to how you operate with the new repeater hardware, but for those hams who have Yaesu System Fusion capable radios you will also be able to use the C4FM Digital communication features also.

The repeater is being upgraded to replace ageing hardware and to provide a bridge to digital voice communication for area radio operators as well as continuing to serve the analog modulation methods we are all familiar with.

More information will be posted when the hardware change is scheduled and completed.

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  1. Aaron says:

    This is super awesome!

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